Have you ever wished you could reuse old blog content? As you browse your blog posts, you’re bound to come across many great topics. You might even think it would be great to reuse the same themes to create original content that further engages your readers. Fortunately, you can, and the blog content experts at NuMedia will tell you how.

The trick is figuring out how to repurpose old blog posts without simply plagiarizing and reposting the same content yourself. Not only does this create distrust in your audience, but you’ll also stop being the educational resource your audience needs. Not to mention that Google doesn’t like duplicate information. If you post the same information repeatedly, your blog’s search rankings will be negatively impacted.

How to Reuse Old Blog Content

Don’t let your valuable information go to waste. Start repurposing and reusing your blog content in a way that further serves your audience and doesn’t flag your content as self-plagiarism. Here’s how.

1. Turn a blog post into multiple posts.

Choose one of your valuable blog posts and read through it, looking for points that could easily be an article of their own. Use the basic information you have and flesh it out by going into more detail. This way, your content is on-brand but retains its uniqueness and originality.

2. Change the format of your blog posts.

Blogging is a mainstream staple in marketing, and if you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s very easy to gather a collection. But not every customer or reader consumes your blog content in the same way. Some readers prefer videos or infographics instead of reading. Changing the format of your blog to reuse old blog posts will keep your audience engaged.

3. Update and refresh old blog posts.

Older blog posts are great because they get you more traffic. And while it’s great when a particular, older blog post continues to get attention, it’s all the more reason to make sure it’s still relevant.

Start by reviewing your older blog posts that are still generating traffic first. Do they contain statistics that need updating, or is the information dated? Maybe it’s a part of your software or services that you no longer have or offer. These are simple fixes that will do your audience good and show them you have plenty of evergreen content that will always be beneficial.

4. Create an eBook.

Writing a book from scratch is time-consuming and requires a lot of energy, time, and money. A lot of brands don’t have the resources for it. Fortunately, you can easily take your blog post and turn it into an eBook.

Just pull up any of your blog posts that cover a similar topic, like social media tips or ways to grow your brand.Bundle them into one offer that you either post on your website or sell, which can create passive income. Add an introduction, table of contents, and conclusion to round it out a bit and make it easy to read and as helpful as possible. Include your website and other relevant information in the book, so your readers know where to find you to learn more about you.

5. Republish your blog posts.

Reuse old blog content by republishing old blogs. You can republish posts on other websites without being penalized. Sites like Medium, Reddit, and LinkedIn help get your words out there to a broader audience without penalizing you for the privilege.

Get the most out of your blog and don’t be afraid to reuse the essential bits when needed. These five tips for reusing old blog content are great ways to use as much of your existing, valuable content as possible.

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