Email marketing is essential for all businesses, from small to large. It’s affordable, easy to implement, extremely flexible to use, and highly profitable. You can use it to provide information, for example, about a new product line, an exciting offer, or a change in your business model.

Not convinced an email marketing campaign is the right path for your company? Here are seven persuasive reasons that may change your mind.

1. Simple Segmentation

Tailor advertising and marketing today very closely to the respective target group. With email marketing, you have the best options for segmenting the recipient addresses with precision. This ensures you appropriately address only those customer groups based on the offer or information that’s important and relevant. Optimally, simple segmentation delivers a high response rate and effectively reduces wastage.

2. Flexible Personalization

As you no doubt know, customers should be addressed, advised, and treated individually in every interaction you have with them, from social media to emails. This is easily done by email because of the many possibilities for personalization. Client individualization is no longer limited to the greeting or a few interchangeable elements. Tailor the content of the entire email precisely to the individual recipient without much increased effort.

3. Safe Scalability

Costs shoot through the roof when implementing marketing activities aimed at large groups of people. Sizable campaigns take effort and make implementation more difficult. Marketing via email, on the other hand, is smoothly scaled. An email only needs to be created once and then sent to any number of recipients. This way, the marketing campaigns grow with your company naturally.

4. Effect Emotions

Advertising and marketing today not only must convince potential customers based on facts but also engage them emotionally. Email as a marketing instrument offers excellent design options, which is significantly enhanced by connected landing pages. Therefore, whether you want your customers to laugh or you want to tug at their heartstrings, an effective email marketing plan has that potential. Optimally, combine these emails with a call to action to achieve an above-average response rate.

5. Real-Time Results

If you use email marketing, you don’t have to wait long for the results. As a rule, recipients react very quickly to corresponding emails. That means you secure a very high response rate, depending on the attractiveness of the content and offers. The success of the individual emails are determined in real time, meaning entrepreneurs have a high learning curve. In just a short amount of time, you’ll become an expert on structuring successful marketing emails.

6. Affordability

The cost of using emails in marketing is comparatively low. Preparation such as text, design, and scheduling is the main factor in affordability. The actual shipping of newsletters and advertisements no longer require a budget or any money, regardless of the number of recipients. Since the effect is also seen very quickly, there’s a short-term return on investment. Above all, email marketing is a low-cost method to drive business.

7. Data Protection

Data protection and its sometimes-strict regulations are now causing headaches for many players in the field of online marketing. The sending of emails is also strictly controlled but clearly and simply regulated. For example, in order to consistently provide newsletter subscribers with news, you need their explicit consent. A double opt-in procedure is a great way to obtain permission. After registering for the newsletter, the subscriber must also click on a link in a confirmation email using a form.

Without a doubt, email marketing provides businesses with a cost-effective way to reach new customers and keep existing ones happy. In addition to the low and transparent costs, the possibilities of marketing automation are endless. Individualization and the segmented addressing of recipients are particularly compelling reasons to begin an email marketing campaign. The short reaction times of the contacts enable an immediate and detailed measurement of the success of a campaign.

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