As in-person events and networking make a comeback, you want to have your business cards ready. Having custom and personalized business cards may seem like an old-fashioned way of doing business, but it’s still an excellent way to make a lasting first impression.

Consider combining this traditional strategy with the digital future. Paper cards are still relevant but consider digital cards if you want to move into a completely digital marketing and networking strategy.

What Are Digital Business Cards?

Digital business cards, called NFC business cards, are a great alternative to traditional paper cards. NFC stands for “near field communication.” This marketing technology allows you to pass information between two mobile devices. Instead of handing someone a business card, you wirelessly communicate with colleagues and potential customers. NFC business cards use the same technology as smartwatches and key fobs.

This digital business tool allows you to share your business profile by having a customer scan your mobile device with theirs. Their device receives a link that takes them directly to your profile with your contact information, social media accounts, and more.

Personalizing Cards

Business cards get you noticed in an almost entirely digital world in every industry. When someone shares their business card, you experience the personal effort behind the brand, and vice versa. It is a marketing tool that provides a quick insight into your product or service and allows the recipient to contact you when they’re ready.

Your personalized paper business card shows how approachable you are. The more individual and high-quality the marketing tool is, the better you can make a powerful impression on your customers and colleagues.

But there are more reasons to have a business card in 2022. Let us show you the top three purposes of having a customized business card.

1. Get an Edge Over Competitors

Personalizing your printed or NFC business cards with a unique logo, slogan, and photo of your choice will match your unique personality and help your business instantly stand out.

Pretend you’re a potential customer browsing printed business cards you’ve collected at an event. What stands out to you? What makes you want to do business with someone? Would you remember every white card with a plain black font, or are you more likely to remember the unique, embossed business card with interesting shapes and textures?

Many people make the mistake of merely pasting their contact information onto a card, but you still need to enhance this decades-old marketing tool to make the most of it.

2. Represent Your Business Identity and Personality

Today, consumers and customers are brighter than ever. Most people do business with brands they already have an association with. When your company values ​​align with your customers’ needs, they are more likely to close a deal with you. Regardless of the cost, people choose brands that capture their imagination.

Use uniquely designed business cards that match your brand’s personality and uniqueness to capitalize on this.

3. Expand Your Network

One of the main reasons you need a business card is so you can expand your business network around the world. You can send personalized cards to your prospects via courier and other services. Global marketing experts still consider cards, digital or otherwise, one of the most critical contact points with potential customers.

Let Us Design Unique, Eye-Catching Business Cards for You

When we work with you to build and market your brand, we understand your business and your goals. This information allows our designers to create the most relevant, elegant, and unique business cards for your company and its employees.

Despite being a traditional way of doing business, custom business cards are still the best way to gain an edge over the competition and add a touch of personalization with each hand you shake. Our professionals can guide you in choosing a traditional business card concept, or move towards a digital business card.

Contact the NuMedia Marketing experts at 317-563-7235, so we can help you create and order your customized business cards today.