According to a recent article at SalesForce, it takes six to eight touches before anyone can convert a prospect into a viable sales lead.

Six to eight? Yes, in fact, depending on the expert you talk with, we have heard numbers up to 10 touches. So how do you get your business in front of your prospects on a regular basis to get those six to 10 touches in place?

One of the best places is through social media. However, connecting with prospects and likely customers in regular conversation through social media requires some planning and strategy.

For instance,

  • You have to have a clearly defined target market – who is the person you wish to woo into a customer or client?
  • You have to know where these prospects are in terms of social media. If you offer services to other businesses, LinkedIn might be important, if you market to the individual female consumer, Pinterest might serve you well. Where you put your efforts is determined by who it is you want to reach.
  • You must understand your prospects’ needs and determine how you can satisfy those needs or exceed their expectations.

Social media will help you stay in sight as you build a relationship with them. They might not need or want your products or services today, but next week, or next month, who knows.

The other point is that we live in a time of accelerated visual stimuli and clutter. I recently heard say someone say that we used to use information, now we simply sort through it.

Become the Goose

Immediately my first thought was that in order to cut through the clutter, we have to be the GOOSE!

Do you remember the children’s game where kids sit in a circle and one person goes around the circle tapping heads saying, “duck, duck, duck” until all of a sudden they tap someone and cry, “Goose!”? The person selected to be the Goose jumps up and chases the tapper around the circle trying to catch him before he can take the Goose’s spot in the circle.

Today, every business needs to be the Goose that stands out from the crowd and catches all the duck’s attention. It is the Goose that the consumer wants to meet and know more about. It is through social media that you teach them who you are, what you are best at, and why they should be a part of your circle.

Stand out to your customers

You can stand out in a variety of ways, including:

Your Unique Selling Point (USP). What is it that is special or unique about what you do or offer? Don’t say customer service, because that is the butt of every “what makes you special?” joke. There is something special in what service you provide or product you sell that sets you apart. Your individual story can be part of this position as well. For some, it might be that part of the proceeds are offered to a not-for-profit group (think Tom’s Shoes).

Unique Branding. Remember the Budweiser frogs some years past or the Geico gecko? Even Flo at Progressive makes a branding statement that is easily and quickly recognized. It can be fun, touching, or a combination of other emotional triggers. No matter what, though, it makes you stand out.

Consistent Offers. JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts and Hobby Lobby offer a 40% discount on one regular-priced item every week. Consumers count on those offers and they redeem them consistently. If you are such a consumer, you know that the one item is not all that is purchased. ROI is easy to measure there! Likewise, Dave’s American Grill offers a special for veterans on every military-centered holiday during the year – Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July.

To convert a prospect into a customer, view it as a long-term strategy

As you see from the examples above, in order to be truly effective, consumers have to get a consistent message over a long period of time in order to convert a prospect into a customer. The results are garnered because the plan is a long-term plan that is not thought up one day and executed the next and then you move on to the next brilliant idea.

Consistency is important in marketing and advertising and just because you move away from traditional methods doesn’t mean you can leave the fundamental practices behind, too.

NuMedia Marketing was shaped from the combination of traditional marketing methods and the new digital age marketing opportunities. We bridge the old with the new and we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

You and your business are both unique and the story you present in branding and marketing has to tell that story. We can help you build marketing strategies to get you the six to 10 touches you want to see in order to convert a prospect into a long-term, loyal client. Contact NuMedia Marketing today.