All you have to do is follow the Google and Facebook algorithms to discover that video is hot. Not only do the search engines love it because consumers love it, but Google now owns YouTube so that is another reason Google loves video. The best news for business is that videos don’t have to be funny productions about dogs pushing rocks, cute babies, or anything at all like that to have a meaningful effect on your bottom line. Fact is that right now, the top variety of video for business is called the Explainer Video.

Video basics every business needs to know

Before we talk about Explainer Videos, though, let me give you a bit of information about video in general, because that will be important as you begin to consider what you might do in the way of video for marketing your business and increasing your reach – and sales.

First of all, Dreamgrow says that video boosts conversions and sales by 80%. That’s a remarkable number and it’s not pie in the sky, either. Of businesses they surveyed, 83% said that video provides good ROI. Part of the reason for that is that consumers say that watching a video increases their confidence level about purchasing from the company by as much as 57%. In addition, as far as search goes, Moovly says that businesses with a video embedded on their site will have a 53% greater potential for showing up on the first page of search results.

Those statistics are significant enough that knowing them should give you the motivation to explore options that fit your business. The top tips to know for creating effective video that works are these:

  • The most important thing to know is that content is still king. The quality of the production and having a slick design matters much less than the message. Be sure that your videos are providing viewers information they want and need.
  • Video and other marketing content has to be consistent with your business’s branding to prevent confusion and problems with credibility, with both potential customers and with search engines. That’s one of the reasons that a marketing plan is so very important. It’s important to remember that a confused mind always says, “No.” Sales require a yes, so don’t create your own obstacles to yes wit confusion and mixed messages.
  • Complete, clear, and accurate information is most important. There are times when a funny, quirky message is fun and makes you stand out and get social shares, but in general, purposeful videos that meet the needs of consumers will remain effective and evergreen. Viewers are most disappointed by videos that miss the mark when they are looking for information and the video information they find is unclear and/or confusing. In fact, that ding to your credibility can have a long lasting negative impact for your brand.

The Explainer Video – your key to increased traffic, conversions and sales

With that in mind, let’s talk about the Explainer Video. Some may also call it a how-to, but that’s not true in all instances. The point is to explain your product or service to the viewer in a manner that gives them the opportunity to see themselves using the product or service and understand how it will be beneficial to them. This can be done in several ways:

  • The classic How-To: Go through how to use the product or service in a granular way so that the viewer can understand how it would work and so they can see that it will be user-friendly. A caution here: it is a good idea to have a non-user or someone who is not familiar with the product or process view the video to be sure your version does not inappropriately make assumptions that the viewer has knowledge or experience critical to understanding.
  • The Implementation Example: Show actual implementation with another client or customer that is complete with testimonials. The idea is to show that your product or service works for others so it can work for the viewer. Testimonials should include references to support and resources available to service before purchasing. When 68% of consumers say they would prefer watching an Explainer Video to solve any product related problem you really need to listen and take action.
  • The Nitty Gritty: Some products are very complex or require detailed instructions for use or building. Use animated graphics and detailed images to explain exactly how it work, what to do, and how to do it. Not only does this give you greater leeway in being able to explain something, but these kinds of videos are actually easier to produce. In some instances, this could be used as a training video, too.

What makes an Explainer Video effective?

Of those businesses who use video, 45% of them say they have an Explainer Video on their homepage and of those, 83% say it is effective. Why is that, do you think? First of all, people love consuming video. After all, vision is our most dominate sense. Video is so easy to consume and buyers want to see your product in action.

Another point to make here is that 90% of videos being consumed are being watched over mobile devices. YouTube reports that mobile consumption grows by at least 100% every year and that trend doesn’t appear to be slowing at all. So be sure that your website and the videos are mobile responsive. You don’t want anything preventing a potential sale.

Additional points to support adding a video strategy to your marketing

Social shares of videos are based on emotion rather than fact. That means there is room for those funny, quirky, and quaint videos. That means that while you will start with one kind of video that will give you the biggest and fastest ROI, you will want to consider different types if you are looking to expand your reach. Increased social shares increase traffic to your site and a variety of videos means visitors will spend more time on your site.

Don’t think of video strictly as something you will embed on your website. Videos can be effective used in blogs, email campaigns, and in social media campaigns, too. Start by identifying your target market, your target goals, and the message you want to deliver, then plan the video(s) you want to produce.

Obviously, what we are hearing and learning in the marketplace here at NuMedia Marketing is that the Explainer Video is effective. But, because every brand and business is unique, the hottest video in the market might not be the best to achieve the goals you have set for your business. When you are ready to explore what marketing and advertising strategies, including video, can help you grow your business, contact us online, or give us a call at NuMJedia Marketing at 317-563-7235. We love building plans that work and finding new and creative ways to market business.