How do you enhance your email marketing strategy for the B2B world? Communication through email is now more powerful than ever, and it’s time you take advantage. This digital marketing tool builds brands and drives sales.

As a successful business, you already know your marketing goals, who you’re targeting, and who your ideal customer is. Now, it’s time to make the most of your email marketing campaign.


Why You Need to Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategy


According to a study by Vital Design, upwards of 72 percent of B2B businesses are willing to share useful content via email. This means your emails aren’t being dumped into a spam folder, and there’s a good chance that they’re being forwarded to colleagues. Don’t neglect your email marketing campaigns because it’s incredibly effective at generating new business and keeping current customers satisfied.


Ways to Enhance Your Email Marketing Strategy for B2B


You need a long-term email marketing strategy to nurture your relationships with current and potential clients through relevant content. It can take months to acquire a new customer, but these tips will speed up that timeline.


  1. Always think about your email header. This is the most critical aspect of your email marketing campaign. If you want increased B2B sales, you need content that is suitable for your audience, and you need to grab their attention in some way. This is what your email header should do.

    An average office worker receives approximately 121 emails every day. That means you have mere seconds to grab their attention before your email is thrown in the trash. Get your message across immediately with the right header. If you’re not sure how to create an attention-grabbing subject line, NuMedia is here to help. We’ll make sure your logo is visible, so you’re instantly recognizable. We’ll save you time and provide you with a professional look.

  2. Create your own content. Now that you have the perfect header making potential customers click to open your email, you’ve got to ensure your content is worthwhile. Your content is important, even you’re simply promoting products. Create newsletters with evergreen themes, meaning the content will always stay valuable to the customer. For example, a special Christmas newsletter is the opposite of evergreen content.

    The best kind of content is useful to your audience. It includes answers to questions, tips, and advice that a B2B client can apply to their own business. The email marketing strategy should include unique content that triggers an emotional response. Show your audience that you have something valuable to offer. Lastly, make sure the newsletter is easy to read. Break up any large blocks of text. Use headings and subtitles and highlight the most important parts of the email.

  3. Choose the right triggers for your B2B email strategy. For example, a new customer receives a welcome email when they sign up for your newsletter. Another example of a trigger-based email is sending a potential customer a discount code when they add something to their virtual shopping cart. These emails are sent based on specific actions to encourage customer growth and engagement.

    Send thank you emails when a lead is converted. Part of an excellent marketing campaign would include exclusive access to premium content or special offers. Also, consider the timing of sending your B2B emails. Most studies show that Tuesdays and Thursdays around mid-morning are the best times to send communication. This positive deliverability practice will enhance your email marketing strategy for B2B clients.

Email marketing campaigns are a proven effective business strategy to drive B2B sales. If you’re ready to drum up some new business, give us a call at 317-563-7235. Our NuMedia Marketing crew are the best at what they do. Let us help you keep things personal in a digital world.

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