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We create websites

We create websites

We create websites

We provide results

We create websites

We create websites

We provide results

Grow Your Business


an integrated approach

NuMedia Marketing is an Indianapolis-based agency that combines traditional and online marketing efforts to enhance business communications. It’s simple. We listen. We learn. We share the vision and build a brand.

Don’t be mistaken. Simple isn’t easy. It’s work. (Otherwise everyone would be doing it, right?) That’s why we develop focused communications that create and maintain engaging business relationships.

We enjoy design theory and the latest marketing talk. But we also expect more from marketing and find it very rewarding. (You know… the whole “profitablility” thing.) And you should, too. Take your marketing to the next level… Join us.


we speak geek

Think of us as a full-service agency plus! Most people recognize us for web development, search engine optimization, social media management, email marketing campaigns, etc. — the more technical side of online marketing — and rightfully so. NuMedia Marketing was founded with the idea of making the most effective use of your marketing efforts and budget. Online marketing and “new media” concepts are often the most effect return-on-investment. And when you’re proficient at getting information out to your audience as a “new media” company leveraging the latest tech, you’re suddenly a “information technology” company as well. Fortunately, we’re pretty adept at marketing and technology so we have grow an entire division of the company devoted to supporting your Information Technology needs.


Can you say that the market recognizes your brand in an instant? Branding is more than a logo, tagline, or mascot. It includes how your company looks, sounds, operates, and engages with the public. We can help you create the hallmarks of a great core brand with striking imagery, color and consistency so you put your best foot forward always.


Are you aware of the impact design has on your success? Everything that goes out into the market to represent your business comes down to details and purposeful design. We understand how concepts, values, images and information are all folded into a design to illustrate the essence and offerings of your business.

web development

What does your website say about you and your company? Your website is your online home and should provide information about your business values, services, and products, enticing visitors to want more. We create professional, functional, and visually stunning websites to impress your potential customers and pull prospects into your customer pool.


What is left with prospects after your meeting? If you want to leave an impression, provide them with print materials about your business offers. We have the expertise and resources to provide everything from business cards to brochures, information sheets, door hangers and flyers. Print materials keep the conversation going even after you are gone!

social media

What message do you want to get out to your customers and prospects? Being purposeful, consistent, and projecting your desired image online is crucial. A structured and uniform social media strategy makes your business personal, approachable, credible, and reliable. We can help you create a presence that enhances your reputation, reach and revenue.

search engine optimization

How will your clients find you? When someone needs a product or service, the most popular avenue to explore is online. Our expertise in SEO will ensure that someone who is looking for your services will find you, gaining you better and bigger business.


Do you understand what promotional products can do for your business? Promotional products are unlimited in variety, quality, and purpose, ranging from employee apparel to client thank you cards, give-away items and more. We can incorporate branded products into your marketing and employee relations that also fit into your budget.

Recent Projects

We build brands that last with effective marketing solutions.

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Our Clients

“Scott understands and lives the values of a Rainmaker. He is interested in learning about your business, making connections for you and follows through. I would recommend that you get to know Scott better as he can be a valuable asset to your business network.”

Scott Cunningham

“Just today I received another rave review on our website. Scott did a fantastic job. He was great to work with – very knowledgeable AND agreeable. I felt he really listened to what I wanted to accomplish in terms of content and presentation, and then followed through on that.”

Deborah Ellis

“We would recommend him to anyone! Scott did a wonderful job putting our website together. Our situation was different in the fact that I designed the layout, but did not know anything about web work, so he programmed my concept into a functional website. It was obvious very early on in our project that he knows a lot about website construction and thought of many things I hadn’t considered…”

Laura Shumaker

“Scott really knows his stuff and knows how to make it understandable to a non-IT person. He is a true professional in his field. It isn’t often that you get someone with the Internet knowledge who also knows marketing. He is very personable and easy to work with.”

Carlotta Katra

“We cannot say enough about how much we appreciate Scott and all he does for our business.”

Mike Shumaker

“NuMedia Marketing Has been with Fite for a long long time. love everything they have done to help GROW our Business. “

Jeff Crump

“Great company and great people!”

Mike Woolard

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DHA website

DHA website

A little recognition goes a long way in a booming telecommunications market. So when it was time to update the brand, this site acquisition and development firm turned to us for a complete brand refresh including a new logo, stationary and web design. Category: Web...

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Take your marketing to the next level… join us!