With the rise of the digital age, our physical, face-to-face connections have dwindled. You can chat, link, like, comment, entertain, and request services all with the click of a mouse from the comfort of your own living room. However, creating and sustaining close personal contact with clients isn’t as easy. Those are the relationships that must be fostered and maintained in order to keep a personal touch in the digital world.

How can you convey an individualized approach for each potential client that visits your site? How do you turn your website or social media account into the equivalent of a personal greeting and smile? These five strategies help businesses establish personalized connections and retain ongoing client relationships amid the online environment.


Personalized Emails


Did you know that American companies lose more than $62 billion every year simply due to poor customer service? As technology streamlines customer service, putting a human touch into each client communication is vital.

Sending mass emails is no longer useful. People hit the spam button if they’re tired of seeing commercial emails in their inbox that are irrelevant or not interesting. You only get one shot at getting a potential customer to open your email. Personalize each email with a name and a subject line that sparks curiosity. Remember to keep individualized emails casual and relaxed to connect with each recipient.


Identify Customer Preferences


With a simple quiz and a little creativity, you can connect with your target audience and identify their preferences to get to know them better. Using a quiz or a questionnaire, ask customers various questions related to their habits. Depending on their answers, group them into categories to further personalize email marketing. This type of market research is the perfect way to gamify your strategy for keeping things personal.

Be an Authority


By sharing valuable information on your blog or social media accounts, you establish your business as a relevant authority in your realm. Your content should be a clear sample of your expertise, and it’s the best opportunity you have for a personal touch in your marketing. Practical messaging includes offering free webinars, sharing high-quality links, and actively engaging online with others. Establish your business with authoritative content and you transform attraction into action.

Put a Face Behind the Name


Sharing photos of your employees, events, and clients promotes your brand with an essential personal touch. Pictures of smiling people generate emotions, and emotions inspire personal connection. Use simple and colorful images to capture the attention of viewers. The influence of social media cannot be overemphasized. Platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are successful because visual content is king. Pictures make potential clients stop scrolling to take a peek far more often than simple text posts.


Go the Extra Mile with a Truly Personal Touch


After establishing a connection with a business or client, it’s critical to remain on their radar. Stand out from the crowd by sending notes and thank you cards via snail mail. Give away useful promotional products. Even though we are entrenched in a digital world, promotional products with a personal touch increase brand awareness and improve customer loyalty and retention.

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