Technology changes fast, and website design trends are no different. Staying current on the top web design trends and standards is crucial to the success of your website, and 2022 is seeing new trends in design of websites. The overarching trend is an increased sense of playfulness. Simple and minimalist designs are taking the lead. They could be bringing back a forgotten decade or delighting the user with interactions and animation. Perhaps they are offering up something handmade. Overall, the goal of this year’s web design trends is to elicit a sense of wonder, even with an unconventional approach.

Website Trends in Typography

Brutalist Typography

This trend can make a website pop while using a limited assortment of elements. Brutalist Typography is a response to optimism, lightness, and minimalism. Generally speaking, it has an unapologetic rugged style that sits in contrast to the more polished modern convention. For instance, it uses layout, typography, color, and shape to communicate strong, unique brand identity. In addition, forgoing images also creates a bit of mystery, enticing visitors to find out what else lies beyond the hero section. Brutalist Typography gives a website a metropolitan vibe using typography to:

  • construct a dynamic grid,
  • use letters as building blocks for segments, sections, headers, and paragraphs,
  • go wild on an entire website as an attention-grabber

In essence, the goal is to create information that’s available for everyone and present tech knowledge in a more accessible way.

Kinetic Typography

This trend partners closely with the last. Once, telling a story was achieved by animating characters, but now typography is an entirely new ball game. After all, moving text can capture attention, establish a tone, and highlight important segments. At the same time, it guides the user’s eyes through a page.

Typographic Hero Images

The hero image is the very first part of a website that a user sees. It must make a statement. Therefore, a new trend is to create hero images led with typography. Essentially, these hero sections reduce or eliminate imagery altogether to allow the message itself to carry the weight of the first impression. Rather than coming across as bare, these hero sections are bold in their simplicity. Surely, like the headlines in the newspaper, these images command attention.

Full Height Hero

Along with typographic hero images, a new trend is to make a homepage hero image the full height of the screen. This offers a distraction-free message to grab users’ attention. Using an image for a full height hero, be sure it adjusts as it crops differently on different browser dimensions.

Visual Blend

A recent trend to is overlap graphics onto photo images. This mixing technique adds creativity and fun to the image. It is a great grab for users’ attention.

Website Trends in Color

Gradient Color

Evolving from subtly overlays of color, gradient colors are creating eye-catching backgrounds. Gradients add depth and texture to an illustration. Taking this concept a step further is the addition of grain and texture added beneath the gradient.


Frosted Color

Recent advances in technology have allowed frosted glass effects on color. Elements appear to be behind a frosted glass overlay. It has been used to add color as a background rather than a gradient.


Websites have been ramping up the use of animation over the years. The trend is to turn toward more large-scale interactive animations. Users don’t just passively scroll through a web page, they click, swipe, and drag. Mystery is the key. It encourages visitors to use interaction to learn how the page will work. Consequently, a novel and memorable experience is created.

White Space

The use of white space is about giving content room to breathe, not trying to cram the most information possible on the screen. The experience is more relaxing for your website visitors. The content stands out better. Readability is improved. Don’t be misled, white space is not necessarily white. It refers to any empty solid area. With all these new trends to add to web designs, including white space is still important.

Memphis Design

Memphis design was one of the defining aesthetics for the 1980’s. It combines chaotic patterns and shapes. For this reason, it is sometimes is considered gaudy. Definitely, it is a rejection to minimalism. The goal of Memphis design was to create colorful, joyful, playful, adventurous, and approachable.

Horizontal Scrolling

In contrast to familiar and intuitive vertical navigation, a side scroll layout can lead to surprising interactions between texts and images. Discovering projects, exploring cities, and visiting online galleries is far more engaging with sideways navigation. When done right, horizontal scrolling can make a website more appealing, fun, and memorable.


Scrollytelling, or narrative visualization, is a way to leverage digital interface and convey an intricate story. It sequences a series of visual elements together chronologically to offer a specific message to the user. The user controls the speed and pace of the flow of information.

Less Neumorphism

Neumorphism or skeumorphism in design in a minimalist style modeled after apps and websites in 2020. It mimics the basic style of a new remote or older iPod with low contrast monochrome elements. That includes subtle shadows, and forgoing lines and sharp borders. The reason for moving away from this style is accessibility. The lack of contrast and clear differentiation makes sites in this style very hard to navigate for anyone with reduced vision. In fact, the shadowed elements make it hard for the user to tell which button they are pressing. This is the case for anyone with a visual impairment or someone with situational vision difficulties.

More Trends

These are just some of the major trends in web design. Here are several other elements to look for in website development this year and going forward:

  • Inclusivity
  • Gender Neutrality
  • Less Code
  • Dynamic Content
  • Prioritizing Speed
  • Split Screen Designs
  • Linework
  • Visible Borders
  • Abstract Illustrations
  • Collage
  • Interactivity
  • Vintage
  • Art Deco
  • Nostalgia
  • One-Page Sites
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • Humor
  • Bold color
  • High Contrast Color
  • Retro
  • Handmade Graphics

At NuMedia Marketing we help clients keep up with the latest web design trends while maintaining their own branding. For this reason, we can refresh your website and incorporate these trends into the design. You will go into 2023 with a crisp and clean look and feel. Contact us today for all your needs in web development! 317-563-7235