Word on the marketing street is that more and more people are searching for – and finding – local resources on the Web. That means when they need something, the first place they go is their computer or Smart Phone. They search, sort through the responses and make a move – to the car or the phone or through e-mail.

What does that mean to every business owner whose business is primarily transacted within a 25-mile radius? It means three things:

  1. You have to have a Web presence that, at the very least, provides your potential customers the means to find and contact you
  2. You have to get serious about providing information about your goods or services online
  3. Social media may be in your (very near) future

Your website is the face of your business every hour of every day – and believe me, there is a lot of searching being done after the kids are in bed or when insomnia strikes.

If you haven’t built an online presence or it’s very sketchy, you may just be hiding in plain sight.