Want to make a lot of small business owners roll their eyes? Mention marketing. If they don’t roll their eyes, then their eyes have probably glazed over. Marketing is one of the most important elements of running a successful business, but it is also one of the most nebulous. There is no black and white, do this and that will happen. There are variables: audience, message, brand, products, etc., etc., etc. Here at NuMedia Marketing, we understand your frustration. It takes a plan and it takes consistent effort, and it takes time.

But there are a few things every business owner can do that will do those things that make marketing powerful and effective. One of those is blogging.

What does blogging accomplish?

There are three prime reasons to implement content marketing through blogging for your business.

  1. Increase your reach into the market.

Search engines like, no, l-o-v-e fresh content. Every time there is a change on a website, the search engines re-index the site. But when you talk about fresh content on a website, owners generally think they have to update the pages on their site. While you want to keep that content updated and accurate, continually changing it is a pain. Plus, you have a lot more information to share than you could ever put on a website page, right? With a blog on your website, you have an unlimited open composition book – and it is searchable, and accessible by your customers and prospects every moment of every day!

 Your website is your online storefront that is open 24/7. Just like you, your customers are up late at night and early in the morning trying to find information and solutions to their problems.  And when they search for those answers, you want your voice and business to contribute to the answer, even if it is 3 a.m. Blogging allows you to share your solutions and suggestions at that hour, while you yourself may be sleeping. That’s the brilliance of the internet and business owners who use it wisely are smart marketers.

  1. Educate customers about products you provide: what they are, the solutions they provide, and how to use them.

In blog posts you can provide information and visuals to explain the products and services you provide as well as how they can make a difference for your clients. You know the questions that are asked about your products and you can answer them in blog posts. Those posts are then resources, a link that you can send out in a quick email for a complete, explicit answer in a timely manner. Or, you can print off the post and give it to prospective customers. That means you compose the answer once and use it again and again instead of re-constructing the answer over and over.

This strategy saves you time and effort and also increases your marketing options. When you have a library of blog posts, you have content that can be used in future marketing campaigns and email marketing. Blog content can also be compiled and repurposed into white papers, ebooks, and other publications.

  1. Build credibility and trust in you and your business.

 You are in business because you have expertise or skills in a specific area. A blog gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge and information about your industry that will benefit customers and potential customers. When you do that consistently, you become a trusted source and develop relationships with your readers.

A blog not only shares information, but it shares your brand in a manner that is consistent with your vision, mission, and message. You have control over it. And, blogs don’t just go away. Once you leave the podium after giving a talk, your words are gone. But with a blog, you can create enough content for a book. It will stay out there forever unless you turn it off, which means if products are discontinued, you simply un-publish those posts.

Some blog writers guest post on other blogs. This increases your reach and your credibility as you expand your place in the market. Likewise, related companies can share your posts on their websites, social media, and in forums. Simply put, the reach of a blog post is limitless.

A blog on your website can become the hub for your business that works day and night for you. Using social media and email marketing campaigns to promote the posts extends your reach into the marketplace by driving traffic back to your website.

 Overcome the main obstacle to implementing a blogging strategy

We know the biggest obstacle we hear to blogging – “I can’t write, or I don’t have the time to write blogs.” That’s why NuMedia Marketing offers blog writing by professional writers for you. We work with our clients to create a plan that includes building a blog library and extending reach in a measured and affordable manner using blogging and social media. It does take time, but that doesn’t mean it has to take your time.

Contact our team at NuMedia Marketing to find out more about blogging and what it can do for your business. Send an email to support@www.numediamarketing.com or call us at 317-563-7235 and let’s schedule a time to talk.