It’s funny how so many of us fall into a rigid routine, day in and day out. We start our days with a morning stumble to the coffee pot. We often end them with our evening stroll to the mailbox after a hard day’s work. You may have not realized it, but many businesses are counting on that regular mailbox check. They have figured out that the same mailbox that you visit every day is their gateway to your attention. It’s rare that we don’t find an ad, a coupon, or a catalog waiting for us. These are all examples of direct mail marketing.

Direct mail marketing is one of the oldest marketing strategies. It predates the internet and digital marketing techniques. Even though it’s not the newest and most cutting-edge strategy, don’t think that this style is out of date or obsolete. In fact, with the advent of email marketing, direct mail marketing has taken on a new glow. There are some undeniable perks that digital marketing just can’t beat. If you’re considering using direct mail marketing as part of your campaign, make sure you plan and play it smart.

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing is the use of physical print ads sent via a delivery service. Postcards, catalogs, coupons, and flyers are types of examples of direct mail marketing that are often used.

Why should I consider direct mail marketing for my business?

Just like every marketing strategy, businesses need to execute proper and careful planning before implementing. Any strategy could be a failure and result in money lost if you don’t consider a multitude of factors. Make sure you develop a clear marketing plan, whatever technique you choose use.

Presenting Personal Touch

With direct mail, you can address your customer personally by name or by other personal details. People are more likely to pay attention and remember something they are personally connected to. Are they new homeowners? New parents? These customers are most likely interested in an ad for home-furnishings or deals on baby clothes and accessories.

Reaching a Variety of Demographics

With digital and email marketing, businesses often miss certain age demographics that are less likely to have a great online presence. Direct mail marketing is able to reach anyone who receives physical mail, which excludes no one!

Lead Tracking

Direct mail marketing allows you to see what areas and people responded positively to your campaigns, as well as which campaigns had the strongest response. While digital leads can be more difficult to track, direct mail can show obvious strengths and weaknesses in your marketing efforts.

What factors should be considered when using direct mail marketing?

When to Send

People enjoy a personal touch. They don’t enjoy their mailbox being spammed with random ads for random companies. Consider focusing in on personal factors for when to send direct mail. Customers enjoy seeing coupons sent for their birthdays, and they’re more likely to be in the mood to treat themselves to something you’re offering. Holidays, back-to-school, and other times when people are looking to buy is a great time to reach them with direct mail marketing. What periods are otherwise special for your business?

What to Send

This is really your chance to catch your customer’s eye and set yourself apart. When choosing what to send, it’s important to make sure your design is eye-catching and consistent with the brand you’ve established. Have some fun, too. If you’re offering a promotion, make sure that it’s something that your customers would desire at a price they feel is a great deal for them (but still results in a profit for you). Consider the extra sale that’s to be had if your customer comes in for their promo and brings their friends!

Where to Send

Do your research and make a decision about what areas and customers would have the greatest return on investment from your direct mail campaign. New neighborhood development in one of your strongest service areas? Consider what these homeowners in a new area might want to see, use, or purchase.

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