A new business owner was talking about his business brand recently. He said he thought creating a brand for his company was finding that icon or logo that everyone recognized – like the brand on a livestock. It was to be a symbol that everyone knew stood for his company – and he was struggling with coming up with just the “right one.”

To us, branding reflects what is behind that symbol – the values and skill level and standards.


Branding is like that uncle who is always ready with a quick joke
and funny story – but who is also the first one to help out with exceptional skills in times of need – it is his personality, his character, his essence as a person.

Your business’s brand is all-encompassing and reveals its essence. It is the reflection of everything and everyone who works in the business. It shows in the organization and cleanliness of the office or store and in every other aspect from initial conversations to the service provided to the final invoice.

A good brand is consistent – both visually and operationally.

When thinking about your business brand, don’t think cattle –
think character.