Your company’s website is like a digital business card.

Companies that don’t appear when searching the Internet, in short, do not exist for potential customers. A proper website strategy is important. A proper website strategy that includes Googles’ new Web Vitals is imperative for 2021.


Google’s Web Vitals Announcement


A few weeks ago, Google announced a 2021 release date for Web Vitals—new metrics for measuring the speed and user experience (UX) of websites. This announcement came at the end of May 2020, letting companies know that they will incorporate these metrics into an update of the algorithm to create new ways of assessing and ranking websites based on the page experience they offer.


UX Matters for Your Website Strategy


Google’s new update looks at various new or revised metrics combined with other user experience factors that make up the page experience. In an ideal world, a website appears immediately after clicking the link in the search results. Unfortunately, it usually doesn’t work this way.

Over the years, websites have grown in size, and with the rise of JavaScript usage, they’ve become more complex and difficult to load. Even with lightning-fast internet connections and powerful devices, loading a website can be quite a feat.

For users, waiting for pages to load can also become annoying quickly. For years, optimizing website performance has mostly meant optimizing its speed. This was probably part of your initial website strategy when it was first launched.

However, load times are only part of the balance, while the other part is more challenging to identify and evaluate. This is about how a potential customer experiences all of these tweaks. Your website may be fast based on measurements, but does it feel fast too? That’s why it’s high time to take a thorough look at the Page Experience.


The Appearance of Web Vitals


Web Vitals is a thoroughly researched set of metrics designed to help you identify ways to improve their websites’ usability. Within these new metrics, every website owner should focus on a subset of criteria called “Core Web Vitals.” According to Google, these statistics are a set of user-centric metrics that measure UX’s essential aspects.

Core Web Vitals prioritize the visual stability of your website, its interactivity, and how it loads. It’s designed to help you improve the page experience of your website. Plus, Web Vitals make it easier to evaluate your site and adjust your website strategy accordingly. You learn about your site’s mobile-friendliness, security, pop-up avoidance, and safe browsing for customers.

Together, these factors consider everything that users experience on a website to get a holistic picture of your website’s performance.

By announcing this path ahead of time, Google gives our talented team at NuMedia Marketing plenty of time to help you prepare for this update. There are many new tools out there to help you find out how these metrics work and how you can use the insights to improve your website. Plus, you can start right away.


Test and Improve Your Website Strategy Now 


In the past, optimizing your website for user experience and speed has been complex. You probably never had a really good insight into what a website is doing fast versus how fast it actually feels. With Google’s Web Vitals, these new metrics provide your business with metrics that help you improve your website strategy.

As we are wrapping up 2020, now is the time to look at your website and ensure its readiness for 2021 and beyond. Call the Google ranking experts at NuMedia Marketing at 317-563-7235 to begin next year with excellent user experiences.

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