There is no better marketing than customer testimonials. Why? Because we listen to and trust what others tell us about services and products. There’s a reason that Yelp became the most reliable source of the best restaurants and salons. No advertisement, flyer, social media post, press release, or TV spot can boast this trust rating.

You can use customer testimonials to build your brand by harnessing this marketing strategy.

What Are Customer Testimonials?

Customer testimonials are an online marketing tool that documents recommendations from existing customers. A testimonial is a short, verbatim quote from your customer. This is how you highlight your competence and trustworthiness. Testimonials credibly vouch for your quality.

Consider “The Success Story” testimonials. In narrative form, your customer describes their cooperation with you and the benefits they have gained from your work. Somewhat promotional, it can be more entertaining than other more technical or short reviews.

The subjective view of your customers makes it easier for interested parties to imagine working with you—ideally, a glimpse into your future together. In addition, it also represents an appreciation of your customers and thus creates customer loyalty.

Create Social Proof of Your Expertise

Platforms like Amazon, Google, Etsy, Glassdoor, and even Trip Advisor allow customers to submit reviews, and these businesses are booming. Companies have conditioned buyers to their presence. And they affect us, whether or not we want them to, because it mostly happens subconsciously. Even people who feel immune to customer reviews can’t escape good or bad reviews plastered everywhere.

Use Other’s Words to Encourage Trust

Customer testimonials underpin your expertise to encourage trust and foster confidence in your brand. Most potential customers are already seeking your testimonials or reviews. On the other hand, a website without customer testimonials often appears suspicious.

Even new patients seek customer recommendations when looking for a doctor or specialist. Former patients leave reviews to help future patients make thoughtful decisions.

To increase your social proof, enable customer testimonials where it makes sense. For example, enable reviews on Google or YouTube. You can also allow customer testimonials on your website.

Still Not Convinced That You Need Customer Testimonials?

You’ve probably heard things like:

  • “I don’t put customer testimonials on my website. No one reads them.”
  • “Customer testimonials are so boastful/tacky/silly.”
  • “All those reviews are all fake anyway.”

Why isn’t that true?

If you want to sell something, you must present yourself to the outside world, which goes beyond simply showing up. People want decision-making tools. Customer ratings and testimonials are a tried and tested means of obtaining first-hand information—not from the supplier.

When and How to Get Customer Testimonials

If the thought of reaching out to customers for testimonials makes you nervous, that’s okay. But consider the idea that most people are happy and more than willing to share their honest opinion about a service or product. Are you enthusiastic to give your opinion when you’re satisfied with something? Why shouldn’t that apply to your customers?

When asking customers for a reference or review, keep the following points in mind:

  • Don’t wait too long with your request for a testimonial or an evaluation on the relevant portals. The memory of your collaboration should definitely be fresh.
  • Specify on which platform, to what extent, and in what form you would like a testimonial.
  • Think about how and where you want to publish the review. Ask the customer for permission whether and where you can publish their statement and what information about them can appear.

Make it easy for your customer. Create a list of questions the customer should answer in their review.

  • What problem did you have when you came to me, and how did that affect you?
  • What made you decide to work with me?
  • What did you want to achieve, and was the plan successful?
  • What did you get that you didn’t even think of?
  • Who would you recommend me to?

Customer testimonials thrive on your good relationship with customers.

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