The SEO world is a topsy-turvy world of continual change. Those of us in it are accustomed to it, but for our clients, it is unnerving. We understand how you may feel, really, because we at one time or another felt the same way. That’s why I would give you a couple things to hang your hat on that have remained pretty constant in the SEO world:

  1. Good content rules. Through all the changes with Google and Panda and everyone else, one thing remains clear: useful and unique content has always been a benefit to sites and their SEO endeavors. Weak and “gaming” content is the target for many of the efforts by Google. They want to provide the best product they can find over the Internet to the people searching for it – isn’t that we all want?
  2. Expert voices cut through mire. Yes, keywords and long-tail phrases matter. However, when those are used by a site that has built up a good warehouse of information for the consumer, expert voices are established and become a resource. When the resource is acknowledged with links, the expert (and the site) gains even more credibility – and recognition by the search engines.

As a business, you want to provide a product or service that you are proud of giving your clients. You spend hours and hours developing it and continually try to keep it current and fresh. The same is true for the Internet and search engines – and your website.

The bottom line is that if you want to optimize search, you have to consider your web presence the same way you consider your products and services. Develop it by sharing the expertise and knowledge you have so anyone looking for help in your industry or niche will find you – on top!