I recently read a quote that within the next five years, 63 million employed people will telecommute either regularly or occasionally. To put that in perspective, the 2010 census reported Indiana had just over 6.4 million people, and the United States came in at a few hundred thousand over 308.7 million people.

So that means that about a fifth of the TOTAL population (working and not) would be working virtually – in the next five years. Is your business ready for that?

Marketing includes making your presence known in the marketplace … and when the marketplace is more than what you can reach out and touch physically – it’s virtual. And that means you have to use the computer for more than tracking inventory and correspondence.

Connecting with prospects through social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn should be part of your marketing strategy. If that makes you nervous, don’t fret. Start with small steps and take it a little at a time, but start it soon.

If you fall too far behind the movement, you might be left in the dust.