“When we ask advice we are usually looking for an accomplice.”
— Charles Varlet de La Grange, 1639-1692


I doubt Chuck had internet marketing specifically in mind at the time, but his words regarding the accomplice still ring true. It’s uncanny just how many stories circulate about a business contacting one marketing firm after another looking for someone to agree with some really poor marketing concepts or some really “slick” new way to work around internet standards or best practices in hopes to promote their business for little effort and often even less cost.  (We’re not talking about shoe-string marketing and startup practices. After all, a lot of shoe-string and elbow-grease can go a long way at times… but that’s another topic.)

The fact remains that people are generally unwilling to invest in businesses or organizations that aren’t willing to invest in themselves. And why should they? If those businesses or organizations don’t believe in themselves enough to make a personal investment… how can they honestly expect someone else to do so?

Turn to a Trusted Adviser

When you’re looking to grow — personally or professionally — turn to a trusted adviser rather than looking for an accomplice. It’s far more rewarding to work with other professionals who will listen, share your vision and work diligently with sound, proven experience. This is particularly true when you’re developing new and innovative strategies. In these situations a business is working in new, unknown territory and it’s particularly helpful when your adviser recognizes the landmarks and knows just how to navigate the known territories. Minimize the risk. Don’t look for an accomplice. Find a trusted adviser who will challenge you to even bigger, better and more rewarding goals to make your vision a reality.