The pandemic of COVID-19 is affecting businesses everywhere. Although we are facing a health crisis, business, like the show, must go on—and so must business meetings. During this time, many businesses are meeting virtually. Just because you are holding virtual meetings, doesn’t mean you can’t keep your business and your brand visible and thriving.

Professional and mighty virtual meetings

We want to share 8 ways virtual meetings can be positive for your brand and how to do them right.

  1. Check the Technology – Before you begin all virtual meetings, make sure you test your camera and microphone. Make sure everything is connected properly. Many programs such as Microsoft Teams, Whereby, and Zoom will do a system check so you can preview before you begin your meeting.
  2. Cut Out Distractions – When You meet for virtual meetings, make sure your office door is closed and you have a set space for virtual meetings. You and your co-workers may want to turn off all cell phones or put them on silent.
  3. Maintain Focus – Focus is very important especially when you are brainstorming, discussing options, and making decisions. It is very important to keep everyone focused on the agenda during virtual meetings. That said, you should plan a meeting agenda. When people talk, make sure they speak completely and concisely. Also, with clients, these rules can also apply—as it is good business practice to be respectful of client and employee time with a short and productive meeting.
  4. Presentation – Presentation means a lot for your brand. Even though you are home, it doesn’t mean it is acceptable to arrive in your pajamas. Make sure you dress appropriately to professionally represent yourself and the business. It also helps to put together an actual presentation with examples to show co-workers and clients. You can share sharp presentations in most all virtual meeting platforms.
  5. Attendee Interaction – The mute button is a powerful tool. When you are hosting a virtual meeting, make sure to mute people during presentations. Once the presentation is over, it is the time to encourage people to interact and express their thoughts. Interaction and engagement of all participants improves focus.
  6. Follow-Up Email – When you are finished with virtual meetings, be sure to send a follow-up email message to your meeting attendees. In this follow-up, you could include a survey to ask for feedback. Feedback is very important and can help improve virtual meetings.
  7. Use Your Computer – When you conduct virtual meetings, make sure to use your computer not your phone. Make sure you have a webcam installed and that it faces eye level so everyone can see you. Finally, make sure you have a neutral background and good lighting. Check volume levels on the microphone to be certain no one is too quiet – or too loud! Also be sure the computer’s window is large enough to see everyone.
  8. Avoid Multitasking – How often do you see people multi-task during meetings? This behavior is even more tempting during virtual meetings. To reduce the temptation, follow the meeting’s agenda, and engage attendees throughout by asking for feedback and posing questions for all.

Make virtual meetings work for you

Virtual meetings can be as productive and effective as in-person meeting to represent your business and brand with clients and potential clients. There is just a little more preparation needed – mostly regarding the technology in use.

It is also a good idea to have training sessions for employees representing your business and brand, so they are aware of your expectations and what you see as professional behavior. Both are key for virtual meetings to be successful and provide the basis for continued growth, albeit accomplished virtually.

Just like we have always said here at NuMedia Marketing, everything that your clients and potential clients see and hear regarding your business becomes your brand. You know that your website represents you online. You know that the neatness and uniformity of employee dress reflects your business. You know that ads, flyers, brochures, and even your invoices reflect your brand. So will virtual meetings. Keep it looking, sounding, and feeling that you want your business to be perceived. Virtual meetings extend your outreach and are the wave of the future, you can make them an important part of your business to grow and succeed.

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