The question pops up now and again. Is it better to hire someone to do the marketing for your business in-house or is it better to outsource to a marketing firm? Generally speaking, unless your business is a large enterprise, it is almost always better to hire a firm. Let me explain why, by giving you the top three reasons to hire a firm instead of a marketing employee.


Reason No. 1 – Financial


This is No. 1 because it is one of the most important for many businesses. A salary isn’t the only cost to having an employee on staff. There are the costs associated with benefits (sick leave, vacation, insurance, retirement plans, etc.) that can balloon and double – or triple – the actual salary you pay. In addition, you have to consider the payroll taxes you, as the employer, must pay on behalf of the employee.


Another reason is the cost of the actual marketing you do. A firm generally is able to get volume discounts that you would not be able to access. Cutting your actual marketing costs by 10 or 15% can add up.


When you hire a marketing firm, you are able to do as much, or as few marketing campaigns or employ a variety of strategies as your budget allows. This could be a result of seasons changing or the cyclical nature of your business. And, you can do that without justifying the expense of an employee. You don’t’ have to keep anyone busy.


Reason No. 2 – Experience, knowledge and talent


There is a reason for the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” It’s not always bad, but if you try to contain costs by hiring a new, or less experienced, marketing person, your rate is dependent on their experience. It’s not their fault, but your new marketer right out of college is eager – to learn – and that could cost you. A marketing firm may have several marketers at different stages of their career. Which means you not only get the enthusiasm, but you also get the years of experience to guide your strategies and buys.


In addition, a marketing firm has a team of professionals; marketers, graphic artists, writers, vendors, and suppliers. That means you get access to the professional experience and talents of many different people.


Not the least of the benefits of working with experienced professionals are the connections and relationships they have established in the marketplace. They know where to go and who to talk to make things happen.


Reason No. 3 – Metrics and data analysis


Everyone wants to know what is working and what is not working. A marketing firm has strategies and tools in place to provide that feedback. Tricks like using a dedicated phone line to determine effectiveness of a direct mail campaign. Coupons or discounts with special codes or clicks, likes, shares or comments on social media. A marketing firm builds its experience and knowledge as well as reputation by knowing exactly what does work and for whom and why.


The thing is that everything can be set up to measure results and determine effectiveness. And, the plan is in place for future use aver and again. Not that every campaign performs the same way over time. And that is another point.


A marketing firm does their best to keep up with the changes both online and offline. It’s not an easy job, but strategies and campaigns change over time and your business has to have the opportunity to utilize the best practices at the time.


The effective conclusion


In our experience, we see two of the prime drivers of growth and success. The first is your business providing reliable quality services, and good, effective marketing so customers know what you can do and that they can trust you to do it every time.


If you are interested in the growth and development of your business, we would love to talk. You know your business. We know marketing. It’s a great combination.