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What is a Restomod?

In the automotive world, it’s not uncommon for an owner of a classic vehicle in restoration to want modern-day performance incorporated with that vintage look and feel of the original. These vehicles mix old and new technology to provide the owner the best of both worlds. It’s an ever-changing, fast-paced world of digital marketing and web development, so when a website “restomod” happens, it’s worth a second look under the hood. 

Modernized & Optimized

What began as a light “refresh” from an established site with a strong visual brand design developed into a full restomod for the caretochange.org site. Once the initial concept was presented and a decision made to retain every possible detail from the original layout, the entire site was re-migrated to a development server where it was completely stripped to the bare frame of content and rebuilt piece-by-piece according to current structural SEO best practices with modern function and fully customized mobile-responsive layouts. In fact, what you don’t notice from the site is the result of some of rather meticulous attention to detail through a very hands-on process.

New Features & User Focus

The site navigation more than doubled in size of active menu links, so reorganizing the main menu and avoiding content duplication for Search Engine Optimization purposes was an immediate priority. Site managers can now edit the overlay text within featured header content and update corresponding images independently — no “custom” fixed html or hand-coded required. (But for those die-hard coders, custom coding is still 100% accessible if you want to get your geek on!) Furthermore, editors now enjoy a full-featured visual builder for front-end editing. And with a strong focus toward ongoing site blogs, social media links remain readily available at the bottom of every page and on a convenience springboard page just for social media.

 A new function of filterable portfolio of counselors was incorporated according to popular topics enabling visitors to readily identify potential counselors with expertise in their particular area of need. Extensive counselor biographies with current head shots and simple, direct contact links allow a visitor to quickly develop a sense of connection and comfort with a potential counselor while easily reaching out to schedule an appointment with seamless integration into a third-party CRM. 

Moving Target

As you might expect, this type of restomod project takes quite a bit more time than the typical site refresh.  Good project design starts with the full desktop layout and then cascades down through smaller screen sizes for full mobile response. Naturally, for every change in the desktop view, there are no less than 9 standard screen dimensions to address. Once migrated or cloned into a development site, content development for the original site is normally placed on hold until the new site is complete or only select areas of the site are developed and monitored for changes so the content can be readily merged into the new site. In this case, ongoing changes continued in the original site and were reconciled page-by-page throughout various stages of development and in the final release of the new site.  We don’t take offense in the least that you’ll probably never notice!