Integrated marketing coordinates all marketing campaigns with one another. Communication goals, fundraising goals, and sales goals are related. Integrated marketing links disciplines such as direct marketing or public relations. In integrated marketing, communication channels are not isolated, and instead, pathways that communicate with each other. They are networked and built on one another.

When growing your business, an integrated marketing campaign can help you understand and reach your audience. It takes a few steps to start, but once you get your audience’s attention, it can lead to significant benefits.

What is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing makes the most of your marketing budget. It targets your desired audience and persuades current and potential customers to buy. It does this by building a consistent message across multiple channels using storytelling and brand identity.

This strategy helps you use all possible channels to reach your desired audience without creating extra effort on your part.

Building Your Campaign

Once you set up your integrated marketing campaign, you can produce content that your audience relates to and feels good supporting. You can build your campaign in four general steps:

  1. Identifying marketing communication methods: The methods you choose depend on the ones your target audience uses. You can use content marketing like blogs and videos, create an email marketing funnel, or post on social media based on the platforms your audience uses.
  2. Create a plan: Understanding your target audience will help you determine which platforms will yield the best results. At this point, you should know what type of content connects with your audience and determine a posting frequency.
  3. Understand decision-making: Target your audience’s pain points and show them how you can solve their problem. To do that, you must understand the process of what takes a potential customer from awareness to consideration to making a decision. That process looks different for every business, depending on your product or service.
  4. Put your plan to action: Create a calendar and posting schedule, use marketing automation software, and analyze your campaign’s effectiveness. Don’t forget to take advantage of trends to get your audience’s attention.

How Does Integrated Marketing Benefit Your Business?

Every brand has a different goal, so keep that in mind while you build your campaign. With integrated marketing, you reach a wider audience. By running your campaign across many channels, you increase the chance of people seeing your brand.

These comprehensive campaigns help build trust when products are promoted by the consistency of the brand. Therefore, people feel like they know your brand, making them more likely to buy from your business.

Using this strategy saves your company money, too. First, you can repurpose content across channels without constantly creating new material. Second, customers do some of the work for you by sharing your content.

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