Each year social media and its role in connecting with your customers becomes more prominent.  There are new algorithms to crack, and more content to produce.  For many business owners this can be overwhelming.  How do you maximize your brand’s impact and value on social media?

Don’t Be All Things to All Platforms

Not all social media users are the same.  How you communicate with users on each platform should be different and intentional.  Think about the ways you want to engage with potential customers and stakeholders to your brand.  Prioritize social platforms that allow you to best deliver content that users will engage with.


Understand the Content Users Expect on Specific Platforms

From links to videos, it’s important to remember that different social media platforms populate content uniquely.  For example, sharing company news on Instagram isn’t as effective as it is on LinkedIn or Facebook.  Content published on Instagram doesn’t permit links in your captions, whereas LinkedIn and Facebook do.  If video is your lead piece of content, it’s also wise to remember that each platform has limits on the length of your video.  Here’s an easy resource to reference.


Establish the Goals Valuable to Your Brand

It’s much easier to establish the value social media has for your brand if you outline the goals you want to achieve.  If brand awareness is your primary goal, measure how many impressions your posts receive and work to see that grow month over month.  If engagement and community building is a goal, then engagement is a valuable metric.  How many likes do your posts generate and do your followers share and comment on your posts? When you closely monitor these metrics, you’re able to see trends that help you create content that performs the way you want it to perform.


Create, Evaluate, and Keep Creating

For social media to have a point of value in your business, you have to create content, evaluate it and keep creating! Consistency not only supports your output, it also supports user expectations.  Brands and businesses that put in the time to share relevant content with their social audiences experience higher engagement.


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