Why do you think prospective customers would come to a website and then leave (without so much as a squinch of time to leave a “Hey, how you doing?”)

Two reasons come to top of mind.

First and foremost – to keep web surfer’s interest, you have to be, well, interesting! If the site is lovely to look at but has no meat to it, it’s just not enough to keep anyone hanging around.

Solve that by providing some useful and interesting content – landing pages or a blog. (It will also have a positive impact on your search results and traffic.)

The second reason for quick defections: the site is difficult to navigate. In the language of web designers, it’s not “intuitive.” Surfers who have to search for navigation tools
or can’t figure out how to access information are out the door. The other part of that is the speed of download. Videos, tons of pictures and content can be pretty and flashy, but might take a long time to load, which prospects might be unwilling to wait for so they’re gone before the site even comes up.

The words of wisdom here: just like in training, everything on your site must be user friendly and purposeful – and geared toward the visitor.Turkey

Just like you wouldn’t serve a turkey dinner to a pool party for 8-year-olds, don’t serve up a website that is flashy, shallow and slow if you want good results.