As business owners we spend countless hours creating, fine-tuning, and optimizing the content that lives on our website.  Sometimes, we overlook the critical piece to website reach, performance, and viability– web hosting.

Website hosting can often be the last thought a business owner considers as essential to how your site performs.  A hosting environment and its provider assists with your website load time, updates to plug-ins added to your site, and most importantly the safety of your site and those who interact with it.  Understanding what a web host provider offers is a very vital first step, but there are other factors to consider. 


Web hosting Isn’t a One-Size Fits All Selection.

The type of content and user experience you have built on your site does play a factor in the web hosting environment you need.  If you have video content or livestreaming features, bandwidth will matter.  The hosting environment directly impacts speed for loading times of images and video content.  Some sites require more bandwidth than others, these are questions and discussions that you should have when identifying the best website host for your site. 


Technical Support and Customer Service, Yes Please!

There will be times when you need support from your website hosting provider.  This is when customer service and technical support need to match your level of need and expectations.  Do they have a 24-hour support line, or ticket system that allows you to contact them during and after hours?  These are the questions that you want to ask.  Many small businesses owners are wearing multiple hats, and IT tech support is something you might not have on your team.  Outsourced web hosting partners play an invaluable role in keeping your site running smoothly, and ensuring your customers/clients are able to engage with your site. 


Web Hosting Comes With a Price, But It Doesn’t Have to Be a Budget Breaker.

There will always be a fee to host your website.  Some will charge you an annual fee for hosting your website and delivering technical support.  Independent and small businesses like NuMedia Marketing, deliver monthly hosting subscription services that fit the size of your site, technology that you need, and support you deserve.  Hosting plans that scale with you and your business are essential and keep you a part of the process.  The team at NuMedia Marketing is here to serve you and your business.  Contact us for more information on web hosting and technology support, we’d love to hear from you.