The purpose of marketing for your business, and every business, is to get more customers. Although that might be the primary purpose, there are thousands of ways to do it! Marketing is as personal to a business as the business is personal to the owner. How a business markets itself is often an extension of the owner and the owner’s beliefs and values. What are the possibilities?

Let’s look at just a few options business owners have when it comes to marketing their business.


Offline Marketing Strategies to Consider


  • Branding –You want your brand to be consistent. To achieve that, tie together a LOGO, colors, taglines and avatars in all the messages you send out to the public.
  • Advertising –Some of the places you will want to send out your message include billboards, print publications, radio and TV, vehicle wraps, and signage
  • Direct Mail –These campaigns are usually developed to deliver a specific offer to a targeted market. With so much communication being done online, an offline direct mail campaign can be very profitable.
  • Employee Apparel –Part of the consistent brand you want to exhibit in the marketplace includes how your employees present themselves. You want apparel to be inclusive, sharp, and consistent with the right colors and LOGO.
  • Collateral –Every business must communicate with customers and that means letterhead, envelopes, estimates, invoices, brochures and business cards. Consistency in colors, form, and format pays off.

Online Marketing Strategies to Consider


  • Website –First and foremost, every business must have a website that is clean, fresh, accurate, and clearly communicates to customers and potential customers.
  • Blogging –One of the best ways to keep your website fresh with new content is blogging. Blogging is a great way to communicate about your business, services, and products as well as educate your market. Blogs can also be used as useful links to send to individual clients, as handouts at events, or for social media.
  • Social Media –Social media is used to create a presence online and develop relationships – and trust – with those in your market. It is the place to share about everyone in the company, the company values, and simply to reveal the people behind the business as well as share news including products, sales, and services.
  • Review Sites –Depending on the business, participation in any of the services sites such as Home Advisor or Angie’s List is a way to get your business in the market. Good reviews – the more 5-stars the better – push your company to the top of the list. People do business with people they know, like, and trust – and the opinion of their neighbors matters!


In-person Marketing Strategies to Consider


  • Community Events –Manning a booth at the summer festivals and parades is a great way to get your face and business in front of the community. You will likely need brochures, and booth materials such as table coverings and signs
  • Giveaways –Promotional products to toss from the parade route or to hand out from a booth go a long way. Also consider customer appreciation gifts and employee appreciation and recognition programs.
  • Donations and Raffle Prizes –At all the annual fundraising events community leaders gather. There are always raffles and prizes that are either purchased or won courtesy of local businesses. Are you going to be a part of that this year?
  • Community Philanthropy –Are their organizations that you would like to support as a business? You could be making donations, in-kind contributions, or even volunteer time and people to an organization.
  • Public Relations –When new people come on board, you move or open new locations, you might want to notify the community through press release both on- and off-line. You might also be interested in sponsorships of community athletics, teams, or other groups.

Now THAT IS A LIST and, you know what? It only scratches the surface of what marketing opportunities are out there for you and your business. Here at NuMedia Marketing we know that marketing can be overwhelming for a business owner. Not only is it simply a long list, but to do even proceed with a few strategies requires a great deal of time, attention, and effort. Three things that are in short supply for most every business owner we know.

Because that is the truth of the matter, we work with businesses of all sizes to help them grow. We work together to grow their business to the next level and then move on to the next. One step at a time. When you are ready to level up, contact us at 317-563-7235. We are ready to get the move in motion!