You’ve got a great idea for a business – some product or service that is going to rock the world. Great. Now what? 

You’ve got to give it a name and an image (speaking visually here). Some business owners, like Razor Suleman, name their company and then later discover, oops, maybe that wasn’t really what my company is all about. In 2002, Suleman started I Love Rewards. As he grew, the company expanded and he discovered his customers – and potential customers – were confused. That is never a good thing. You can spend your time explaining what you REALLY do – or you can spend your time winning and servicing customers.

So what you name your business and the logo you want to represent your business are important and require serious consideration – and development.

  • Being too abstract means customers won’t know what you do at a glance – and may just glance over your contact information.
  • Being too specific (as Suleman discovered) may pigeon-hole you.
  • Selecting a name that can be interpreted in different ways can be a problem, too. What really will you find at “The Hot Spot”?

Likewise, the logo that is the visual label for your business is equally as important. That one image tells the story of what you (as the owner) are, what you provide and the way you work.

Consider what these logos say to customers:

  • Ben Franklin holding a watch
  • A cuddly soft, cream colored teddy bear
  • A shark fin driving through open water

Yes, a logo may be fun – or funny. Yes, a business name can be funny or a play on words – or even a word written in backwards order. But before you sign that paper or buy that domain or set up that first website, be certain the name and logo represent you and what you want your business to be today – and in the many years to come.