What’s the best way to draw the attention of your audience without bombarding them with annoying ads? Many businesses are turning toward content marketing strategies creating brand awareness and making organic appearances in front of their potential consumers. Instead of assualting a consumer’s attention, content marketing provides content that customers want to see and use.

There are many forms used in content marketing that range from educational to entertaining. Podcasts, blogs, videos, and guides are a few types of resources users seek out. Offering informational resources such as downloadable guides or forms is a free service you can provide to your audience. By providing this, your audience also comes to recognize your name and your expertise.

Why should you consider content marketing over traditional marketing?

1. It’s cost effective.

Content marketing is not paid advertising. It simply involves associating your name with something informational or entertaining that your audience wants to see. Some businesses have decreased their advertising budget to $0 based on content marketing tactics. They’ve found a more powerful way to gain brand awareness.

2. It displays generosity.

Your audience will feel they’ve been given something for free when you choose content marketing. Whether it’s a good laugh or an insider’s perspective on a specialized topic, the audience will gain something at no cost or commitment. The idea that you have generously given that to them will leave a positive impression associated with your name and business.

3. It’s non-invasive to your customers.

No matter how great a service or product is, a poorly timed or placed ad can ruin your results. Besides, there is nothing more annoying than being bombarded by unwanted ads.  In general it doesn’t matter whether you are driving down the road or using the internet. Ads are annoying. On the other hand, with content marketing, your audience is searching for information you’re providing. They’re seeking you, not the other way around. Of course, annoying your audience shouldn’t be part of your marketing plan.

4. It builds a relationship with your potential customers.

Content marketing is a chance for you to provide insight to your customers. Based on the information you provide; they  trust you as a reliable source or guide in your subject area. For example, a landscaper who provides a blog citing the easiest plants to care for becomes a go-to advisor. To put it differently, sharing this information with customers shows you care about them and you want to share what you know.

5. It can help with exposure.

Something special happens when you publish a helpful video or blog post. Your audience becomes a fan and shares it on their social media platforms. Along with the content, they are sharing your name and your business. And they’re sharing it with their friends, family, and colleagues. As a result, you get phenomenal (and free!) exposure. In addition, it also serves as an endorsement—people tend to trust businesses that are recommended by people they know.

Providing useful resources to your audience through content marketing strategies is a great marketing strategy. Don’t forget to contact us to create a marketing plan that will work for your business!

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