Prioritizing is one skill that every small business owner needs to learn and practice. Every. Single. Day. Right? Here at NuMedia Marketing we understand because we are a small business, too. We know that time and money are two resources that must be carefully allocated to achieve the most with the least expenditure. We get it.

We also understand that spending money on anything having to do with technology, online presence, and marketing has to come with the understanding that it is all an INVESTMENT IN YOURSELF AND YOUR BUSINESS.

The results might not be immediately evident, but over time, the effect of your investment can be exactly the edge that drives your business forward.

What is a good investment for business?


The most obvious – the one that stands out first – is a website. If you don’t have one, get one! But beware, you don’t want a website that just barely qualifies as a website. You want your website to be an online home that reflects your business, does everything to promote and support your business, and sets you up for the future.

What are the elements of an effective website?


  • Great design. You want your website to be memorable and stand out. Your initial understanding might be that the design is attractive. However, above everything else, you want a website that easily navigated and FUNCTIONAL! Every visitor can get around easily. In addition, you want everything in your website, from home page, to services, FAQs and even the blog, to be consistent with your business branding.
  • The content is clear, complete, and concise. No one has a boatload of time to read pages and pages of content. That means that you want to explain WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR YOUR CUSTOMERS in terms they can understand. To understand the explanations need to be clear, and for your sake, complete. No, you won’t be able to explain every single situation or problem you can solve, but you can give enough information so the reader gets hooked.
  • Ecommerce tools that are effective. Even if you don’t have an online store, an ecommerce element to your website means customers can pay you online. Ten years ago that wasn’t such a big deal, but today, it gives customers a way to take care of their bookkeeping quickly and efficiently – at 3 a.m. when they have time to do it. It also gives you faster access to the payment and saves you time by not having to sign checks and make a trip to the bank. Faster, more efficient, and better for all.
  • Security is a must.No one, and we mean no one with a protective bone in their body, wants to interact with unknown websites that are not secure. And, on the other side, you don’t want your online address to be vulnerable to outside attacks and hackers, either. So the technical background structure should include protection that is strong, proven, and effective 24/7. Security also revolves around the technical details of your sight. Registration and hosting for your domain, back-up solutions and having IT support are critical to keeping your sight up and running.

Once and done is not the gold standard for websites


I don’t mean to add to the burden of business ownership, but there is a reality to understand when it comes to websites. Just like everything else from lawn maintenance to financial oversight to ordering supplies and maintaining inventory, a website requires your on-going attention.

First of all, times change. (As if you didn’t know THAT!!) You might not be caught dead in your favorite attire from 10 years ago, but your website might be reflecting a trend or a technology that was popular once and has now been replaced with something better.

Yes, I am saying that it’s not just that your website LOOKS DATED, but changing technology can render it inefficient, slow, or, in some instances, broken.Think about your cell phone. Even if you take care of it and it “still works” after four years, chances are that it is slow and starting to have problems downloading information or functioning properly. The technology has advanced and you have to keep up with it.

In addition, search engines LOVE new content. That does not mean you have to continually revise or add new pages to your website. No, a blog is a great tool to attract the attention of search engines as well as give you something to promote that will connect with your potential market. A blog is used to explain, educate, and communicate your business values and personality.

Plus, things change in your business. You know how services and products evolve. There is nothing worse than getting a call or email from someone interested an obsolete product found on your website. Even things like a change of address or staffing can be a problem for you. Broken links to products, contact emails that don’t work, or just plain bad information can drive a customer away.

Just like sweeping, dusting, doing the dishes and laundry keep your home running smoothly, updating and refreshing your website does the same for your business. It’s all an investment in what is important to you and has a great impact on the success you find.

Here at NuMedia Marketing, we have been in business long enough to have gone through many cycles of websites. From creating initial new websites for new businesses to updating and revising structure, tools, and content all the way to time for completely new sites, we have done it all and understand how to help a website evolve along with the business.

Call us at 317-563-7235, visit our website, or contact us by email to learn more about how we can help you create – and maintain – an online presence that works for your business! Or, let us help you take your business to the next level.