Did you know that vision is our most dominant sense? The most information that ever gets transmitted to the brain is visual. So, what does that mean for you and your marketing? It means you should get on board with video. Yes, video. Now don’t get all flustered. It is possible for everyone – yes, everyone – to get into video for their business. We have talked about this topic before. But now let’s explore a few ideas that might quash your fears …

There are a few important takeaways you must understand:

  1. Video is good for engagement and ROI. Dreamgrow says video boosts conversions and sales by 80% and 83% of businesses that use video say it provides a good ROI. Surveys consistently show that at least 57% of consumers say that video gave them more confidence to make an online purchase.
  2. Videos don’t have to be perfect. Whoa! Did I actually say that? Yes, I did. What does matter is that the content is clear, accurate, and sincere. Once again, content is king – even when it comes in a visual.
  3. Search engines love video. Video increases the amount of time viewers stay engaged with your online spaces, including your website. The longer exposure builds trust and signals to search engines that your site has good content. This is especially true now that Google owns YouTube – they encourage use of their platforms and reward that usage with improved rankings.
  4. Video appeals to your customers and potential customers. If one of the approaches you take to your online messaging is educating consumers and explaining how to do something with your products or services, you will be rewarded with the benefits of doing so through video. 68% of consumers say they prefer getting how-tos through a video format. That means any time you are solving a problem with your products or services, video increases your reach. Surveys show that 83% of video providers agree that their videos are effective – and 45% of businesses use them!
  5. Video encourages social sharing.People share emotionally – not based on facts. 76% of users say they are more likely to share an entertaining video. (hint, hint.) And you know what social sharing does for your business, right?

Video still requires thoughtful content and marketing strategy

Even if you use that first 10 seconds of a video effectively and grab viewers, you have to have a purpose and strategy behind what you will do next. Remember that they are viewing your video for a reason – other than pure entertainment (unless that is your PURPOSE!). Put your product or service into action and SHOW how it works and what they can expect. Use the following checklist to get started with an effective video campaign:

  1. Align video with your marketing content strategy. Be purposeful in your message.
  2. Understand your audience and where they live. Be focused with your target.
  3. Mind the length. Keep videos short, interesting, and specific in the message.
  4. Center on the story or message, not the selling aspect.
  5. Start small – and low budget. Low quality and poor design don’t matter as much as authentic and sincere messaging and content that is clearly and accurately explained.
  6. Test and measure. Try different messages and different locations such as in blogs, on social media and on your website. Tag the videos, provide descriptions, and promote them. Then check their reach, their engagement, and effectiveness. (Don’t forget to include videos in your email marketing as well.)

Good marketing is never willy-nilly. It is carefully planned, designed, and implemented in order that it is effective and uses your marketing budget wisely. Good marketing is also multi-faceted, but it always starts with your branding and your home base. Sometimes that is a brick and mortar location. But more and more often today, it is most usually your website – even if your products and services are provided face-to-face.

Video is just one aspect of a marketing and advertising plan that includes traditional and technology-driven campaigns. Don’t kid yourself, it’s not like that Iowa baseball field. Just because you build it, doesn’t mean they will come.

That’s why, here at NuMedia Marketing, we take care of so many aspects of promoting your business from branding to traditional advertising, website design and development, and online content marketing. We even keep your technology running on the backend with hosting, security, and troubleshooting services. Everything has to stay spinning on all fronts to be effective. Call us today at 317-563-7235 or contact us online for more information and to help you get it aligned and spinning in your favor!